we’re in a mad scramble trying to get things done around the house lately. our list of to do’s is kind of long, and according to emily they never completely get finished… she may be partially right.

as for the list – we have:

the baby room. has to be painted. we’re going w/ a light green. we’ve done about zilch in there so far… other than putting up hardware to hang the curtains. we have all the baby furniture put together though… so we’re good to go as far as that goes.

our downstairs half bath. we painted it. put up a custom and absolutely perfect chair rail of amazing quality. still need to do a little touch up in there…

the new fence. this one is about 85-90% complete. working on the gate this week. should have this done by the weekend.

then there’s the basement. we want to get this started sometime soon. we’ll eventually have a spare bedroom, bathroom and play room/living room. it would be nice if this was complete around the time the baby gets here but chances of that happening are looking pretty slim.

emily is working on a project too… i’ll call it project pillow – the main goal of this project is aimed at finding a pillow. this pillow must allow for the best positioning of her legs while she’s taking advantage of our enormous sofa. she slept with a huge pillow last night… in our bed. we still have a huge bulge under the covers right now. im assuming that means project pillow is complete.

ruby the boxer dog must be trained. the short and sweet version is that ruby is a maniac. she is really cute though and every now and then…. she acts perfectly normal… and calm. i think it’s those 5 minutes out of each day that keep her living in our house.

hmm. i think that’s pretty much the list. doesn’t seem like a lot now that i’ve put it on paper. it is though, i don’t care what it looks like on paper.


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