mint green

we’ve added another unfinished project to our list.

the baby room is now officially trimmed out in mint green.

picking out the paint wasn’t easy. i left em at the paint dept while i went to grab the hinges we needed for the gate.. (that is yet to be put up – actually, it’s only about half way built at this point) anyway, so 10 minutes later i come back and she has 3-4 swatches laid out on top of the baby blanket asking.. which one is best? i said… this one (the mint green one). ok problem solved… im ready to go. you know how guys are… we go in to shop – get what we want and get the heck outta there. NOT SO FAST! 15 minutes later… we go with the neon green throw up color paint. walking up to the cash register.. i mention the nice grill i’ve been wanting for ever that just so happens to be on sale…… em says whatever… sure. it’s obvious she is not real sure about the paint… and the grill is the last thing she wants to talk about.

but hey, she said sure… so i got the grill.

em got the paint (that did not at all turn out to be the color she was expecting). she wasn’t happy. about 1.5 seconds after getting home – she went upstairs and painted a small spot on the wall… sure enough – looked like someone ralphed on the wall.

anyone need a can of paint?

the next morning she was back at home depot picking up the mint green… and thankfully.. it looks really good.


One thought on “mint green

  1. no one will ever buy our can of paint if you say it looks like neon green throw up, hawnkee!!!

    it’s just not the color we need, that’s all 🙂

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