hi-d-ho dog training made a stop by the hall house on sunday night.

we learned some good stuff… actually, a lot of what we learned is common sense… but who has time for that – we would rather pay someone $40 to tell us how to do it! that makes complete sense – right? hmm – not really. anyway.

so our goals are to work with ruby on sitting – which she already does fairly well. from there we’ll work on making her stay. then there’s… leave it – take it.

and i think our big goal is that – we dont want her going ape sh!t when people come over.

if you were to come over right now, ruby would probably do her best impression of the worm at your feet…. after she jumped on you for 5 minutes. BUT… we’re working on it – so dont let that stop you from coming over.

it would be nice though… if dog training was as easy as tristan thought it should be. Yesterday, after being home a few minutes she says… so the dog trainer was here yesterday? why isn’t ruby trained? good question tristan.


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