poked in the ribs

emily likes throw punches in the middle of the night. i’ve caught an elbow before. last night she poked me in the ribs.

while we’re on the topic of sleeping… and sharing a bed with emily. she doesn’t like her own pillow – she likes mine (which is about 1 inch thick – i really need to find a GOOD pillow). she also likes my side of the bed. i have no problem with this… except when its 100 degrees in our bedroom.. and her body temp feels about 3x that.  i actually wake up a lot of the time and just sit up in bed… and laugh. then tell her to move her ASS! nah i don’t really say that… i might really get punched then.  🙂

last night for example – at around 3am… we were in bed obviously,  i was sleeping – minding my own business… when all of a sudden i feel this finger trying to squeeze between two ribs… EMILY! what are you doing? she’s like… what? i said… you just poked me in the ribs.. jeez.  She had no idea – or so she says anyway. she just remembers me laughing – apparently i thought it was funny…..


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