Another house project.

I feel like the majority of what we blog about is stuff we’re doing to the house…or that Tim is doing. I’m not sure where he gets his motivation, but I’m definitely not complaining. This week he started tiling the backsplash in our kitchen. He had to go out of town for work today, so he’ll have to finish the job when he gets home, but these pictures show what he’s done so far.


adventure world

so we took the girls to adventure world this past saturday… adv world is basically a skating center – roller skating, roller blading.. they have some other things for little kids, but skating is the big deal there.

anyway… emily didn’t skate for obvious reasons. i haven’t had roller skates on my feet since i was about 8 years old. it was a first for karlie, and tristan went a few times over the summer… so – it wasn’t pretty. luckily though, the place was pretty empty. one older guy there skating with his daughter and he was pretty bad… that didn’t make me feel any more coordinated though. i did manage to make it the hour or so without wiping out… definitely had some close calls though. karlie did pretty well, she would fall – and laugh, and try to get right back up. tristan hugged the wall most of the time. wiped out once.. cried a little.. and called it quits. we all had fun though.

emily probably had the best time… laughing at me.

i’m anxious to go back when emily can skate… she let me know about her roller skating skills… talking about how she can skate backwards… all that.

go head emily… comment on MY skills… or lack there of.

damn that shoe.

apparently my shoe…. which was still on my foot.. got in emily’s way last night as she was walking past me to the fridge. nevermind that i was standing completely still… and it was her foot that kicked my ‘damn shoe’.

so she walks by me.. stubs her toe on my shoe.. then proceeds with ‘that damn shoe…’ and other things i couldn’t really understand or hear… then an evil look to top it off.

i just laughed because… what else was i going to do? i did eventually get a smile out of her… although for a second i thought it was my turn after she finished with my shoe.


things we’ve learned so far this week:

honey is not a good remedy for coughing.

  • we finally got karlie to try a little yesterday afternoon, and she liked it… of course – but it doesn’t do much for coughing.

they have pet insurance now.

  • this is probably not an FYI for most people… but anyway.
  • ruby has a place on her chin that keeps coming back, we think it’s because we don’t wash her bowls enough. we hope that’s all it is anyway. we looked at pet insurance last night…. starts at about $30 a month – not terrible. i guess.

tristan feels sorry for emily.

  • and she wants the baby out…. now. why? because emily has to wear hairbows on her pants…. so they’ll fit. (you know – emily is pregnant… so every now and then she’ll rig a hairbow up around the button of her pants to give them a little extra room)
  • tristan told me this yesterday when i asked her if she was excited about the baby.

we’re not advertising material afterall.

  • 11 hits yesterday.

i guess that’s about it. slow new’s day.

this week…

got off to a rough start.

karlie was coughing her head off all night long, i was up at least 5-6 times trying to help her. needless to say, the cough medicine we have doesn’t work… actually, i think it may have caused her to cough more. just what we needed. anyone have any good ideas to help coughing… especially at night? i read somewhere that honey was worth a try… i tried that last night… karlie would have none of it. threw a huge fit. so, i can’t tell you if that one works or not.

here’s to tonight going MUCH better… for karlie’s sake of course – and everyone else’s… i know i’m struggling to keep my eyes open today. i think emily rolled over a few times last night, so she heard all the commotion too… btw – the enormous pillow is still in the bed. and i think emily’s body temperature is atleast 120 degrees. atleast.

tristan starts 1st grade tomorrow. we went to the schools open house last night, met her teacher (who just happens to be my cousin), saw her classroom, all that. two of her friends from kindergarten are in her class… so that’s a good thing and will make the first day easier.

hmm… what else. oh, we finally finished the fence. 100% done. and the framing downstairs is coming along. the hallway and bathroom are done… as is the wall/doorway leading into the bedroom. next i’ll do the exterior walls of the bedroom and the closet. it’s doubtful any of the downstairs will be finished by the middle of September, but it’s going to be farther along than we expected.

we’ll post some pictures soon.


ever have one of those days when… someone makes an idiotic comment and all you can manage to do is this:

all the while you’re thinking… what a @#$!&*$(# moron. mhm. i have. it happens.

hey it’s friday though… and payday on top of that. no facepalming today.