I’ve been on a real estate kick lately – looking at houses, land… not that we’re really in the market – but I like to look either way.

So I found this deal – what sounded like a good deal anyway. 2.5 acres in Blacksburg, about 4 miles from VT, wooded lot, 6/10 of the lot cleared, small stream on the back of the lot… and for a really good price.

Soo.. yesterday – we packed everyone up in the SUV and went for a drive to check it out. The drive starts out nice, it’s definitely headed out of town and into the country… but there are some nice places, good views… all that. After about 3 miles of curvy roads (that felt like 23 miles) we finally come up to the FIRST gravel road… mhm gravel, and my first thought was – this would make washing your car useless… but whatever we could deal with that.. so we kept on. The first house we passed looked pretty normal.. the further up this road we drove though, we moved further and further away from normal… until we came to the end… and there was a little ‘house’. This house wasn’t scary looking by itself, but… it wasn’t exactly inviting either… boxes on the front porch, lawnmowers in the yard, dogs walking around… and just to the left of this place was another dirt road – this one was about 7ft wide and looked like 2 guys with shovels cleared it out themselves. About the time we were getting turned around to get the HELL out of there… I see this man.. and he say’s ‘can I help yaw with somethin?’.. my immediate thought was a visual from the movie Deliverance. No offense to this guy… but he had might have had 4 teeth, and while one eye was looking down the 3 foot wide dirt road, the other was dead set on all of us in the car. I eventually answered him – I did give serious thought to stomping on the gas though. I basically told him we were looking for a lot for sale, and he was actually pretty nice. He said sure…… it’s right down that road – still looking down the dirt road with his left eye.

As a side note – isn’t it tough to talk to a person like that.. and in this case.. scary. I didn’t really want to look away… I was just really unsure what he was actually looking at… me, the road… or both.

Long story short.. we went down that road. The whole time thinking his cousins might be down there just waiting on us. I still can’t believe we drove down there…. We’re idiots.

In the end though…. we made it back out without having to fight off any of his friends/family.


2 thoughts on “deliverance.

  1. Oh my gosh, I am laughing so hard I’m crying. You forgot to mention that he told us it was a very nice road, only one little part that was kinda rough. And that he told us the lot was only “bout from here to that shed past the entrance” (and we never actually made it to the lot before we gave up and turned around). And that the road was so narrow and bumpy limbs were scraping the side of our car and leaves were coming in the windows. I think Tristan’s knuckles were white from clenching the arms of her booster seat so tight…in fear. I can still hear his hick accent…”oh yeah, is just right down der down dat dirt road, no fudder from here t’at shed over der. You’n make it. It won’t hurt your car, is a perty nice road once you git pass ‘at der ruf part der.”

  2. and Karlie didn’t say anything except “can we go to the park now?, can we go to the park now?, can we go to the park now?…” She’s no dummy. She knew we needed to be turning around and getting the HECK out of there!

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