this week…

got off to a rough start.

karlie was coughing her head off all night long, i was up at least 5-6 times trying to help her. needless to say, the cough medicine we have doesn’t work… actually, i think it may have caused her to cough more. just what we needed. anyone have any good ideas to help coughing… especially at night? i read somewhere that honey was worth a try… i tried that last night… karlie would have none of it. threw a huge fit. so, i can’t tell you if that one works or not.

here’s to tonight going MUCH better… for karlie’s sake of course – and everyone else’s… i know i’m struggling to keep my eyes open today. i think emily rolled over a few times last night, so she heard all the commotion too… btw – the enormous pillow is still in the bed. and i think emily’s body temperature is atleast 120 degrees. atleast.

tristan starts 1st grade tomorrow. we went to the schools open house last night, met her teacher (who just happens to be my cousin), saw her classroom, all that. two of her friends from kindergarten are in her class… so that’s a good thing and will make the first day easier.

hmm… what else. oh, we finally finished the fence. 100% done. and the framing downstairs is coming along. the hallway and bathroom are done… as is the wall/doorway leading into the bedroom. next i’ll do the exterior walls of the bedroom and the closet. it’s doubtful any of the downstairs will be finished by the middle of September, but it’s going to be farther along than we expected.

we’ll post some pictures soon.


One thought on “this week…

  1. Rolled over a few times? I don’t think anyone could sleep through those crying fits. I’m going to try to get her to taste some honey today when we get home. We can bribe her with something. I think she refuses to eat it just because you want her to. It’s funny how she didn’t cough one bit until we went to bed…then she coughed until 2ish. Stopped until 4ish. And then coughed again until it was about time to get up at 6ish. Everyone should be in a GREAT mood tonight. Can’t wait!

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