things we’ve learned so far this week:

honey is not a good remedy for coughing.

  • we finally got karlie to try a little yesterday afternoon, and she liked it… of course – but it doesn’t do much for coughing.

they have pet insurance now.

  • this is probably not an FYI for most people… but anyway.
  • ruby has a place on her chin that keeps coming back, we think it’s because we don’t wash her bowls enough. we hope that’s all it is anyway. we looked at pet insurance last night…. starts at about $30 a month – not terrible. i guess.

tristan feels sorry for emily.

  • and she wants the baby out…. now. why? because emily has to wear hairbows on her pants…. so they’ll fit. (you know – emily is pregnant… so every now and then she’ll rig a hairbow up around the button of her pants to give them a little extra room)
  • tristan told me this yesterday when i asked her if she was excited about the baby.

we’re not advertising material afterall.

  • 11 hits yesterday.

i guess that’s about it. slow new’s day.


5 thoughts on “FYI

  1. Most people don’t call pony tail holders hair bows… when I think of hair bow.. I think of a big bow on a little kids head.

  2. Just wanted you guys to know I like to read your blog, I like how it is both of you talking. by the way Emily, this is Jen Coats.

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