adventure world

so we took the girls to adventure world this past saturday… adv world is basically a skating center – roller skating, roller blading.. they have some other things for little kids, but skating is the big deal there.

anyway… emily didn’t skate for obvious reasons. i haven’t had roller skates on my feet since i was about 8 years old. it was a first for karlie, and tristan went a few times over the summer… so – it wasn’t pretty. luckily though, the place was pretty empty. one older guy there skating with his daughter and he was pretty bad… that didn’t make me feel any more coordinated though. i did manage to make it the hour or so without wiping out… definitely had some close calls though. karlie did pretty well, she would fall – and laugh, and try to get right back up. tristan hugged the wall most of the time. wiped out once.. cried a little.. and called it quits. we all had fun though.

emily probably had the best time… laughing at me.

i’m anxious to go back when emily can skate… she let me know about her roller skating skills… talking about how she can skate backwards… all that.

go head emily… comment on MY skills… or lack there of.


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