El Gran Rodeo

we went out to el gran rodeo last night. emily and i always get the same thing. i get 3 chicken soft tacos, she gets 1. we go for the sauce though, emily loves the white sauce… i like the red.. combined their even better. i’m sure they have names other than white and red, but… i wouldn’t know what they are so… i call them white and red.

tristan and karlie ordered 1 chicken soft taco and one enchilada. they brought them 1 beef taco and an enchilada… which didn’t seem to matter. they both started eating right away – i couldn’t believe it. karlie even ate the enchilada… crazy that she’ll eat that – not that i’m complaining it’s just that we can’t get her to eat half the normal stuff we make at home.

karlie was aslo talking about who was the oldest at the table.. which was me.. and how emily was ‘fat’.. she meant pregnant, but in her mind… fat is pregnant. we tried to explain the differencec but karlie kind of looks at me like… ‘what the heck are you talking about..? her belly is BIG.’ guess you had to be there… it was funny though.

as an fyi.. emily is definitely not fat.. looks like she has a basketball in her belly.


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