well. its been awhile since the last update… we’re slacking lately. i guess we have good reason though right. 🙂

emily is out cold right now… laying in the chair.. reese is snoring on top of her. hahah. ok – not really snoring… but i can definitely hear her breathing. both of them have their mouths wide open… i would take a picture but…. emily would not be happy with that.

reese is sleeping ok.. she’s sleeping ok for one hour increments that is.. after that she’s not sleeping so hot. i think (AND PRAY) she’s only sleeping 1-2 hours at a time because of this little cold she has… her nose is a little stopped up – mainly at night… before she got this cold – for 2 nights she slept 3-4 hours at a time… i think she’ll get back to that soon.

so back to them sleeping in the chair. it’s about 11 now. and i’m ready for bed. they’re both out… mouths are still wide open by the way… hahah.. makes me laugh every time i look over there.

i should wake them up… and hope that reese will sleep for 3-4 hours at a time tonight… especially for emily’s sake.. since i can’t really help with breast feeding.

hmmm… what else is going on.. oh ruby… she has kennel cough and it sounds terrible. woke up this morning and heard this hacking cough – we thought ruby ate a towel or something in her crate… turns out the week she spent at the vet… gave her this… kennel cough. so, she’s on medicine for a week that is supposed to take care of it.

and…. karlie and tristan started dance lessons (tap and ballet) a couple weeks ago. karlie went tonight… emily said she did all that when she was their age and i think she’s itching to get back out there.. she was talking about knowing all those moves earlier tonight.

and finally… if you saw emily now… you would have no clue at all she had a baby two weeks ago. its crazy.. and i probably could have said the same thing a week ago.

ok bed time.

reese finally closed her mouth. not emily.


2 thoughts on “slackers

  1. I guess it’s ok if you make fun of the way I sleep as long as you throw in a comment about how I look like I haven’t had a baby. Pretty smooth of you!

  2. haha you all make me laugh.
    I bet Tristan and Karlie will have fun with dance lessons. Emily and the girls will be teaching Reese how to tap as soon as she can walk!

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