a few random facts about oct 13th

so… october 13th is a pretty important date to remember for a few reasons…

  • first off – it’s columbus day. not sure what to celebrate exactly… unless you’re a gov’t worker… then you can celebrate being off work. otherwise – it’s a normal day that we call columbus day. happy columbus day.
  • october 13th is the 286th day of the year. 79 more days until the new year.
  • sammy hagar (van halen) was born on oct 13th 1947.
  • “beatlemania” was coined on Oct. 13th 1963… after the beatles appeared at the palladium.
  • the mighty ducks won their first NHL game on oct 13th 1993.
  • oct 13th 1885 – the georgia institute of technology was founded (GT – the other ‘Tech’ – virginia tech is the REAL Tech. btw – VT beat GT this year 20-17 on SEPT 13th)
  • oct 13th 1972 – construction of the white house begins – the first corner stone is laid.
  • oct 13th 1993 – ameritech mobile communications (cingular) launched the 1st US wireless network in chicago, Illinois.
  • and finally… the main reason this is an important date to remember is because…. emily and i have been married exactly one year……. today!

happy anniversary em… love you.


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