That’s what I get.

A couple of nights ago we (Tim, Reese and I) were upstairs in our bedroom. I was in the bathroom, Reese was laying on the bed and Tim was standing in front of the tv. Reese kept spitting her pacifier out and would start crying, so every time she did this I walked out of the bathroom, stuck it back in her mouth and walked back into the bathroom. This went on for about 5 times so the next time she started crying I just let her cry and I thought Tim would stick it back in for her. The crying didn’t stop so I stormed out of the bathroom so fast…”TIM, AREN’T YOU EVEN GOING TO TRY TO CALM HER DOWWW….” Mid sentence I tripped over the bouncy seat and flew to the floor. We laughed sooo hard. And I felt like a goof.


One thought on “That’s what I get.

  1. her face – when her toe met that piece of metal on the bouncey seat – was priceless. it was serious and mad one second… the next it was like – ‘no i didn’t just kick that chair AGAIN* and MAN that hurts like hell!’ all mixed together… as she crumpled to the floor.

    i laughed… hard.

    *emily failed to mention that she had already kicked it 2-3 times before… she didn’t move it though.. and i didn’t move it – i figured she’d do it eventually since she was the one who kept trying to break her toe.

    anyway – that was SO funny and after she made it back to the bathroom… i moved the chair.

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