What might have been.

Here’s what Tim and I might have looked like in the…

tim52 em52


tim64 em62



And just for laughs…












Yearbook yourself!


Little Mismatched

I have yet to buy anything from this website, but I think they have the cutest stuff for little kids. When you buy a pair of socks you don’t get a pair, you get 3 single socks that are mismatched, but have coordinating colors or designs. How cute. Check it out. Little mismatched dot com.



Ruby’s favorite thing to do is play tug-o-war with her shoestring and tshirt scrap. She would play all day long if she had a partner. When I get sick of playing she resorts to my foot. She will carefully wrap the string around my foot, put each end in her mouth, and start tugging…as seen below. (Nice socks, I know.)












2 months old.

Well, 2 months has passed and that’s hard to believe! I have to take this precious thing to get her 2 month shots tomorrow and I’m not looking forward to it. I’m also not looking forward to taking her to daycare on Monday. It’s going to be a tough next few days.














we are not morning people.

here’s how it went this morning at our house…

6:30am… “morning girls… its time to get up”.

6:35am… “come on girls – we have your clothes ready to go”.

2 mintues later… karlie gets up. “my clothes aren’t laid out…” (no – they’re actually folded on the floor…. sorry!)

tristan looks over the edge of her bed… “he’s doing the best he can karlie” (i’m thinking… wow.. where did that come from!?)

tristan gets down… sits beside us. karlie says…. “stop looking at me”, “im not looking at you” tristan smiles at me. karlie starts crying. AWESOME! just how i had planned it to go.

6:45am. karlie is fine. she’s dressed. hair is combed. she doesn’t want to wear her new vest… but she’s ready to go.

tristan’s turn. i’ve been asking her to get her pants on the whole time i’ve been helping karlie. she’s still in her pj’s.

she puts on her shirt. “i don’t like this shirt…. it’s uncomfortable” (it’s a turtle neck… really loose around the neck)

it looks good we say… “its uncomfortable!” ok, so pick another one… “i don’t have another shirt”

emily says… how about this one… and.. tristan ok’s that shirt.

next… the pants. “these pants come up too far” hmm.. but tristan you’ve worn those pants 20 times before and never said anything… “they come up too far”… she sits down and has the pants around her knees.

so we get another pair of pants… the same pair that last time we got them out.. were too tight. amazingly… now they are too loose.. so after adjusting the little waistband thing 5 times.. they fit.

now the boots… and of course.. the new boots are too loose. but we put them on anyway.

by this time its almost 7 and we’re supposed to leave around 7:20.

karlie and emily walk downstairs to get some breakfast… but we still haven’t done anything to tristan’s hair.. she says we’ll just do it downstairs.

7:05am… sitting at the bar eating.. tristan takes her boots off. still not sure why exactly.

7:10am… we’re almost ready. only tristan’s hair still needs to be combed… and we just realized karlie still has a tattoo on her forehead… and today is picture day.. not a good combo.

7:15… working on tristan’s hair. emily is scrubbing karlie’s forehead.

7:18… putting on tristan’s boots – again.

7:20… gotta warm up the car.

7:21… fixing my coffee.

7:23… tristan wants to ride with emily instead of me.

  • karlie…. “im riding with emily!!”
  • tristan… “she always gets to ride with emily!”

7:25… i’m giving everyone a hug and kiss goodbye

7:30… we pull out of the driveway.

8:10am… i’m late for work. just how i had planned it.