Little Mismatched

I have yet to buy anything from this website, but I think they have the cutest stuff for little kids. When you buy a pair of socks you don’t get a pair, you get 3 single socks that are mismatched, but have coordinating colors or designs. How cute. Check it out. Little mismatched dot com.



One thought on “Little Mismatched

  1. Hi Emily!

    I just wanted to give you a super special thank you for mentioning my site, High five to you!

    It’s always fun making new friends who have cool things to say and your post was sockadelic!

    You know what else is fun?? Helping each other out! And my nifty new affiliate program is an awesome way to partner up! As a LMM affiliate you get a rad referral fee for every sale on my site that your site refers. Soooo you get to help me spread the word about my super fun stuff and you get to make cash, too!

    Just click here for the scoop!

    Also, I’d love the hear any ideas you have on other ways we can work together!


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