our holiday break

well… we’ve been slacking w/ the updates lately. so i figured i would ramble for awhile.

first off, the holiday break is never long enough. i was off 4 days. that’s not nearly long enough… em is off for two weeks, that’s more like it.

we had our christmas w/ the girls the saturday before christmas… overall i think they were really happy w/ what they got.  the big gift was one of these things…


granted it takes up half our basement… but it works and they seem to love it.

i got myself a wii. emily got me a sweet coat that i definitely needed. i got her a dslr camera… so now we can take tons of pictures.. and we’ll be able to take a picture when we press the button… not 3.5 seconds after we press the button.

reese… reese kind of got the short end of the stick this year. she got some toys, and outfits… and had tons of people holding her, sticking things in her face, talking about her cheeks, etc. i have a feeling next year is going to be a little more exciting for reese, she may not care what she gets… but she’ll have fun ripping the paper to shreds.

we drove out to missouri last tuesday morning… only took 11 hours! it was fun though. reese did great on the drive out – minus the last hour or so… for that hour, she screamed at us… can’t say that i blame her really because i was ready to scream myself. 11 hours in a car will do that to ya.

the time in mizzou was good.. saw all of em’s family, a lot of her friends… played golf (weird that it was warm enough to play golf), watched some of the bloomfield christmas tournament, had lots of good food, and relaxed.

we drove back sunday morning… made really good time.. if 10.5 hours can ever be considered good time. now it’s back to work until wednesday.

thursday night… VT vs UC in the orange Bowl. GO HOKIES!


He’s coo coo for Christmas.

I think the excitement of Christmas is making Tim a little coo coo! He keeps putting the wrong words in his sentences and it is happening more and more often. For some reason I can’t think of specific quotes, so I”ll try to give an example. He will definitely agree that he is starting to have a problem!

He’s been saying things like:

“Girls get in your seats it’s time to take a bath!” (When he really means it’s time to eat dinner)

and he continuously calls Ruby Reese, and Reese Ruby, and Ruby Karlie, and Karlie Tristan… You get the point.

It’s ok hawnkee. I’m excited about the holidays too!