He’s coo coo for Christmas.

I think the excitement of Christmas is making Tim a little coo coo! He keeps putting the wrong words in his sentences and it is happening more and more often. For some reason I can’t think of specific quotes, so I”ll try to give an example. He will definitely agree that he is starting to have a problem!

He’s been saying things like:

“Girls get in your seats it’s time to take a bath!” (When he really means it’s time to eat dinner)

and he continuously calls Ruby Reese, and Reese Ruby, and Ruby Karlie, and Karlie Tristan… You get the point.

It’s ok hawnkee. I’m excited about the holidays too!


One thought on “He’s coo coo for Christmas.

  1. i’m not sure what the deal is but i’ve definitely been talking crazy lately… i guess that’s what a house full of women will do to a person.. 🙂 haaha.

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