hotter than a mother.

meant to blog about this when it happened a few weeks ago… but completely forgot.  so much going on.

anyway, so one night a few weeks ago emily and i were downstairs after getting the girls in bed… they’ve been up there about 10-15 minutes… and it’s not uncommon for them to yell for me because they need something, a drink of water, tristan telling me that karlie won’t stop talking or making noises… you name it.

so this night, tristan yells for me… i walk into their room, and this time it isn’t karlie who needs me… tristan is sitting up in her bed and says as serious as she can be “it’s hotter than a mother up here”.

me… “hot as a what!?”

tris… “a mother”

she was finally cracking a little smile… and, i couldn’t help but laugh.

SO funny.


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