one of those days…

So, I was sitting at work this morning when Emily called to tell me her morning was not getting started out on a very good note.

First, she took Ruby outside to use the bathroom… she came inside, walked in the kitchen and proceeded to wipe out… shoulder banged into the wall on the way down. I guess the heels didn’t have very good traction after walking outside in the snow.

Soon after the wipe out… Ruby decided she wasn’t quite finished going to the bathroom and pooped in the floor. Not good.

By the time she called to tell me about it.. she was laughing a little.. safe to say she wasn’t laughing at the time.

BUT… that wasn’t the end.

Just a couple hours after that call… I get another one.

This time, Emily was at work… taking a break so she could pump. The pumping was going fine.. only she forgot one major component.. the bag where the milk ends  up.. mhmmm she forgot the bag.. so milk was just going everywhere.. her pants, the chair… hahahah.

Talk about a rough morning.


One thought on “one of those days…

  1. Actually, the wipe out came AFTER Ruby pooped in the floor. So I was already stomping around mad…then I slipped. Ruby probably thought her life was going to end this morning. She ran directly into her crate when I said GET IN YOUR CRATE! She knew I wasn’t playing games. hahaha. I was very nice to her during lunch.

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