wonderful night

Last night we get in bed at 11pm… lay there for about 2 minutes and Reese starts to wake up – this is starting to become the norm. She lays down at around 7:30-8 and is usually pretty quiet UNTIL we get in bed.

About the time we get Reese back to sleep, Tristan starts coughing her head off… then Karlie joins in. I think I got out of bed about 5 times between 11 and 12… Once Karlie was talking about a butterfly or something, she really had no clue… and I definitely didn’t.

I think we might as well start going to bed around 12… 5.5 hours of sleep should be plenty.


One thought on “wonderful night

  1. Hahahahaha.
    Literally. You turned the TV off, and I turned the light off…yaawwwnn…ready to get some sleep…and the monitor starts flashing red. Really?…REALLY?…You’ve got to be kidding me!!!!

    I just laughed.

    Then when Tristan and Karlie are finished coughing, Reese is up ready to eat. I think we finally went to sleep at 1am. I don’t know what we have done to deserve this punishment!

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