Today was like two days.

Today I…

-Got up when the 6a.m. alarm went off…ugh.
-Reese woke up, sat her in the boppy pillow, got in the shower.
-Got myself ready, Tristan dressed Reese, thanks Tris!
-Ate breakfast, fed Reese, took Ruby out.
-Left the house, drove off with my coffee sitting on top of the car.
-Took Reese to daycare, took Karlie to daycare, went to work.
-Worked until 2.
-Took Reese to the doctor, she has excema.
-Brought Reese home so she could eat.
-Went to the mall to get Tim a birthday present.
-Went home to let Ruby out.
-Met Tim for dinner at the mexican restaurant.
-Came home, fed Reese, bathed her, put her to bed.
-Tris and Karlie got in the bath. Tim bathed them.
-Got their things/clothes ready for tomorrow.
-Out of the bath, brushed their hair, did homework.
-Reese got up, still hungry, fed her again.
-Sat down for 2 seconds.
-Went to Wal-mart.
-Put all the Wal-mart stuff away.
-Sat down at 10:35pm.


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