No love for Mama.

Yesterday, Reese and I had our very first conversation. It went something like this…

“Say Ma Ma, Reese.”

“Da Da.”

“Noo, Say Maa maa.”

“Da Da.”

“Reesie, say MA MA.”

“DA DA.”



MixMyGranola Inc. is an online store that my cousin Matt and his two friends recently started. Just choose a granola base and add as many ingredients as you’d like. They mix it and send it, you eat it and love it. They also have pre-mixes that you can choose from if you’re like me and can’t decide what to mix together. Get some for yourself at


Golf Trip!

The golf trip was awesome… I took the Flip Mino with us, hoping we would come back with a video worthy of AFV… and I probably could have had I played with Kevin and Greg the entire trip. Shoot, I probably could have had I taped me and Jon playing… I know I hit at least 4-5 houses… and one garage door. That garage door… we didn’t actually see it hit but the noise it made when it made contact.. hahaha.. it had to leave a dent. Everybody was like ohhhhh… 5 iron that was about 15 yards off the ground.. going oh.. I don’t know 200mph.

Anyway, here’s a glimpse of the great golf we played… this would be Greg: