Ugly dent. Pretty mountains.

Saturday, Tristan and I went to target to do a little shopping. When we came out of the store, our car looked like THIS!


My jaw hit the pavement. No one left a note, and there weren’t any witnesses. We went back inside (Tim’s orders) and asked a manager in Target what to do. They were VERY helpful. First, they checked their security cameras…no luck. Then they called the police for me, and they also took pictures and emailed them to me. The police wrote up a report, but the bottom line is, there is no way we’ll find out who did it. So we’ll get it fixed, pay our deductible, and be on our way.

This morning I followed Tim to the body shop to drop the car off. This place was out in the middle of nowhere. I wasn’t expecting such a scenic drive. I snapped a shot with my phone…although its MUCH prettier in person.



7 months old

Well, Reese turned 7 months old last week. The months just fly by!! Here’s a list of some things she’s doing these days:

• Getting up on her hands and knees and rocking back and forth. Not going anywhere yet. She scoots backwards though. She even scooted under the bed while I was in the bathroom getting ready. She’ll be good at hide-and-seek.

• Munching on cheerios. Or should I say gumming cheerios.

• Speaking of gums…she cut her two first teeth this month.

• Babbling away. Still saying Da Da and not saying Mama.

• Using a sippy cup…if you define “using” as holding the cup by the handles and banging it against the high chair.

• Eating lots of “yummy” fruits and vegetables.

• Recognizes most of the colors. If you ask her which ball is red, she will point to it on the page.

• Just kidding.

• Still tolerating being drug around by her big sisters. She loves them.

• Laughing and smiling allll the time.



Karlie is in a computer class at her daycare called Gigglebytes. She never really says much about it when we try to pry information out of her about how her day was. But, twice now, I have heard her talking in the backseat making reference to computer stuff. One day she was singing “Maximize and minimize and maximize and minimize….” And just this morning on the way to school she had an old receipt that she was pretending to read. I didn’t catch everything she said because she talks so much sometimes I just tune her out because I was concentrating on driving, but I did hear her say “dot com” a few times. At least we know she’s learning something.


That’s pretty much what we did this weekend.

Tristan had a game in the am, and Karlie played (kind of) later that afternoon.

Tristan’s team scored two goals in the final couple minutes of play and looked good doing it…. not sure if it was on purpose or not, but they actually passed the ball to setup both scores. We’re currently 0-3-1 on the season. My coaching debut is not off to the best start.

Karlie’s game was about 5 minutes long, w/ 2 minutes of that actually being on the field.  The problem in Karlie’s league is that they really have no concept of… out of bounds.. so the ball on a couple of occasions ended up 3 soccer fields away with 8 little kids chasing after it. Karlie was definitely a bright spot though… she not only got the soccer ball away from everyone else on one of the trips to another soccer field.. she managed to dribble it all the way back and score a goal! Doesn’t really matter than she was one of about 3 kids actually on OUR  soccer field at the time she scored.. 🙂

Here are a few pictures…