That’s pretty much what we did this weekend.

Tristan had a game in the am, and Karlie played (kind of) later that afternoon.

Tristan’s team scored two goals in the final couple minutes of play and looked good doing it…. not sure if it was on purpose or not, but they actually passed the ball to setup both scores. We’re currently 0-3-1 on the season. My coaching debut is not off to the best start.

Karlie’s game was about 5 minutes long, w/ 2 minutes of that actually being on the field.  The problem in Karlie’s league is that they really have no concept of… out of bounds.. so the ball on a couple of occasions ended up 3 soccer fields away with 8 little kids chasing after it. Karlie was definitely a bright spot though… she not only got the soccer ball away from everyone else on one of the trips to another soccer field.. she managed to dribble it all the way back and score a goal! Doesn’t really matter than she was one of about 3 kids actually on OUR  soccer field at the time she scored.. 🙂

Here are a few pictures…


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