Karlie is in a computer class at her daycare called Gigglebytes. She never really says much about it when we try to pry information out of her about how her day was. But, twice now, I have heard her talking in the backseat making reference to computer stuff. One day she was singing “Maximize and minimize and maximize and minimize….” And just this morning on the way to school she had an old receipt that she was pretending to read. I didn’t catch everything she said because she talks so much sometimes I just tune her out because I was concentrating on driving, but I did hear her say “dot com” a few times. At least we know she’s learning something.


One thought on “Gigglebytes

  1. I am a teacher and my daughter took Gigglebytes for 3 years while we lived in TN. She loved going to the class. I could not get information from her either. So I am one of those mommies that pops in. I planned to picked her up during her giggle bytes class. I did not let her know I was there and I was able observed the class for 20 minutes. The teacher taught them to spell their names by typing the keys and they practiced controlling the mouse. The teacher also practiced colors and shapes. She could say… “using the mouse take the arrow over to the red circle… okay, good… now click on it twice.” They would sing songs that helped them remember computer things. I think the children not only learn basic computer technology skills; such as typing, controlling the mouse, turning the computer on and off appropriately, and being gentle with the computer. They also practice colors, shapes, letters, numbers, punctuation and taking turns with their friends. It also improves their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. Computers are in classrooms as early as Preschool and Kindergarten and the children are using them. They are in most households. Children need to become acquainted with them. Gigglebytes is an awesome program. I wish all states had the Gigglebytes program. I now live in Alabama where it is unheard of. It is a great program to have. 🙂

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