7 months old

Well, Reese turned 7 months old last week. The months just fly by!! Here’s a list of some things she’s doing these days:

• Getting up on her hands and knees and rocking back and forth. Not going anywhere yet. She scoots backwards though. She even scooted under the bed while I was in the bathroom getting ready. She’ll be good at hide-and-seek.

• Munching on cheerios. Or should I say gumming cheerios.

• Speaking of gums…she cut her two first teeth this month.

• Babbling away. Still saying Da Da and not saying Mama.

• Using a sippy cup…if you define “using” as holding the cup by the handles and banging it against the high chair.

• Eating lots of “yummy” fruits and vegetables.

• Recognizes most of the colors. If you ask her which ball is red, she will point to it on the page.

• Just kidding.

• Still tolerating being drug around by her big sisters. She loves them.

• Laughing and smiling allll the time.



3 thoughts on “7 months old

  1. Ok, when I started reading about recognizing her colors I was cracking up and was thinking you were crazy for a bit, until I read you were joking hahah. I was about to fly out there to witness that one. Wouldnt that be amazing ..?

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. Cane is 6 1/2 months old now, so when I got to the part about the colors I about crapped. Not funny, Emily 🙂 She is a doll!!!

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