Ugly dent. Pretty mountains.

Saturday, Tristan and I went to target to do a little shopping. When we came out of the store, our car looked like THIS!


My jaw hit the pavement. No one left a note, and there weren’t any witnesses. We went back inside (Tim’s orders) and asked a manager in Target what to do. They were VERY helpful. First, they checked their security cameras…no luck. Then they called the police for me, and they also took pictures and emailed them to me. The police wrote up a report, but the bottom line is, there is no way we’ll find out who did it. So we’ll get it fixed, pay our deductible, and be on our way.

This morning I followed Tim to the body shop to drop the car off. This place was out in the middle of nowhere. I wasn’t expecting such a scenic drive. I snapped a shot with my phone…although its MUCH prettier in person.



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