abs and arms

So… Emily started going to an abs and arms class at the rec center a couple weeks ago. Her arms already look ripped! She probably already looks better than the instructor.

I on the other hand, have not been going to an abs and arms class, or… doing much of anything for that matter. Jogging to the fridge occasionally, running up the steps to give Reese her pacifier at 10 oclock at night.. that’s pretty much my workouts lately. And guess what – that doesn’t work!

So last night, I decided I was going to get up early and go for a run… and I did.. got up at 5:45 am…… AM! and went for a run. It was a short run. Around the block, maybe a mile… probably more like 3/4 of a mile. ANYWAY… it was a run and it actually wasn’t bad at all.. the getting up part that is. The running part kicked my butt… which is sad. So I have to keep it up… especially if I want to keep pace with miss abs and arms.


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