Just got back from our trip to see Em’s family in Alabama… where it rained every day. Any other time I’d say that’s a vacation I’d want to forget.. but not this one. We had a great time… the girls loved it and didn’t want to leave. They loved the pool… the pool with 75 degree water! That water didn’t seem to phase them… Karlie would never really say she was cold even though her body was constantly shaking.  Emily and Erin braved the water with them a couple times. Dave and his phone got in once. Dave survived… not sure about the phone.

The girls love Erin to death… they wanted to know where Erin was all the time. They still haven’t said more than 3 words to Shawn. I’m not sure they ever said anything to Dave… and Dave is a talker.. they just weren’t having it.

Here are a few pictures…

Reese in Tristan’s sunglasses:


Tristan in her new sunglasses:


Karlie with all her gear:


The girls & Erin:


Dave and Michele’s shack:



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