Not me! Monday

1. I did NOT lay on the couch and watch a movie (Mall Cop) while Reese was asleep and Tim was cleaning the upstairs bathrooms. That would have been way too relaxing, you know, to have some quiet, sit down by myself and do nothing, time. Wouldn’t have been fair to Tim either! I would never do that.

2. I did NOT shove a pacifier in Reese’s mouth at Wal-Mart because she kept doing her fake coughing thing and I was getting so embarrassed. Everyone who could see and hear her (3 isle’s down) probably thought it was so cute/funny! I would never want to keep them from getting a good laugh.

3. I did NOT pick my nose and flick it behind the couch while Tim was unknowingly watching. WHAA? Get out of here!! You are CRAZY if you think I did that.

Stay tuned for next weeks, Not me! Monday.


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