Quotes from Karlie

I really would like to start blogging on this subject regularly. And I think I could do it once a week as long as I remember to write down the things that come out of Karlie’s mouth. Obviously, I haven’t started writing them down yet, so here are (only) two that I can remember from this week.

1. As Karlie is walking through the front door and Ruby is jumping all around with excitement keeping her from getting in the house….”Goodness grief Ruby!!!”

2. Conversation at the dinner table.

Tim: “What do you guys (speaking to Tristan and Karlie) think about going to Busch Gardens this summer?”

Tristan: “Noooo, I do NOT want to go there!”

Tim: “Do you even know what is at Busch Gardens?”

Karlie: “Bushes?”


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