8 months

Reese is 8 months old. Actually, she’ll be 9 months old in one week! Here’s what she’s been up to this month.

  • Waving bye-bye 
  • Clapping her hands (and JUST today, she did the motions to Patty Cake as I sang the song. She clapped her hands and then did the “roll’em up” motion. Tristan witnessed this and we couldn’t believe she did it….more than once too!)
  • Still saying Dada and NOT Mama
  • Saying uh-oh
  • Making progress using the sippy-cup by herself
  • Furniture walking (short distances)
  • Pulling up on furniture and letting go…the longest she has kept her balance is about 5 seconds. My mom said that I started walking when I was 9 months old. So maybe she’s on track to be like her Mama!
  • Getting too big to be drug/carried around by Tristan anymore.
  • Finding every crumb, string, and speck of paper on the floor and sticking it in her mouth before we can catch her. She likes to eat paper the best. (No we do NOT let her actually eat it. When she sneaks a piece in we have to dig it out of her mouth and she gets SO mad.)
  • Smiling, exploring, learning, and making us laugh every day!

Reesie, please slow down. You are growing way too fast.





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