Not Me! Monday

Here are a few things I did NOT do this past week…

  1. I did NOT think that I could use the laundry basket as a step stool (there is no way that I believed it would hold my weight). My foot did NOT bust through the plastic and I did not end up with a very ugly cut afterwards. That would be so dumb of me!
  2. I did not get lost in Ellett County on my way to a party Saturday night. Where is Ellett County you ask? Good question. I have no idea either! But it is out in the middle of nowhere, with dark, windy roads through the woods. I did not stop at the only gas station around for miles and knock on the LOCKED door in hopes that someone was inside who could help me with directions. I did not take directions from the nice lady, and I did NOT end up even FURTHER out in the middle of nowhere. I did not call Tim in a fizzy, telling him that I had given up and I was coming home!!! I did NOT let him calm me down and tell me exactly where to go. But, I did have a BLAST at the party!!!
  3. I did not back the Acura into the Infinity that was parked in the driveway. Some of you may not use the rear view mirror, but I DO!

Wait and see what I don’t do next week!!


One thought on “Not Me! Monday

  1. Em… Not only did you not get lost in Ellet County, you did not get lost in Ellet ‘Valley’ either…. (which is where you really got lost) šŸ™‚

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