Karlie ‘graduated’…

So Karlie’s daycare class had their graduation yesterday…

Karlie didn’t actually graduate because she’s not heading to kindergarten next year – her birthday is in October so she’s not quite old enough.  Instead she’s going to Reese’s daycare.. and she’s excited about that.

About the graduation though.. the 5-6 kids that are going on to kindergarten all walked out in their cap and gowns and received certificates. One little girl immediately tried to give the certificate back to the teacher.. ‘can you hold this?’… another tripped over his gown and went down.

The class had a little song and dance routine prepared… like 8 songs actually. Karlie knew her material… and she got to hug the little boy standing next to her during one song.. his name.. Long Long. Ahem.

Karlie got a certificate for just being part of the daycare class.. I thought for certain she had been nominated class spaz.

Each kid got to tell what their favorite part of the year was… the majority of the class liked the ‘field twips’.

They finished up with cake and snacks for everyone. Karlie and Gracie sat beside one another… Karlie dipping her cheese blocks in kool-aid and letting everyone know…. ‘this is awesome!’.





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