It’s easy to recognize the sound of someone running up or down steps… lately I’ve become pretty familiar with the sound of someone falling down steps, and up steps..

Last week I was upstairs doing something when I hear a crash… sounded like Emily tried kicking a hole in the floor or something.. that was either when her foot slipped off the edge of the step or when she hit the ground – I’m not sure which. When I made it out there to see what was going on, she was laying there… on the steps… holding her big toe and telling me that she almost broke her toe nail off.

That was at least the 3rd or 4th time she’s wiped out on the steps since we’ve lived in this townhouse.

So last night I was upstairs again doing whatever when I hear a bombombombombom… and Emily going ahhhhhh! I was immediately like.. “are you kidding me!?” I ran out there and Emily is again.. in the middle of the steps – laid out straight over about 6-7 steps with one hand still hanging on to the handrail.. apparently she did the butt slide down about half the steps.

It was funny until I hear about a guy at work falling down his steps and ending up in a body cast…..! So Em… take it easy on the steps. 🙂


3 thoughts on “steps

  1. Well, maybe if you wouldn’t clean the stairs with furniture polish they wouldln’t be like walking on ice! Hahaha, even Ruby can’t get any traction. 🙂

  2. true.. furniture polish on steps is not a good idea.. these last two falls though had more to do with your two left feet – not furniture polish.

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