a belated Not Me! Monday…

Since Em failed to get her Not Me! Monday out this week, I thought I’d give it a shot… here goes:

  1. I did not laugh,point and call Emily a klutz when I walked up on her laying at the top of the steps yelling about almost ripping her toe nail off after another one of her adventures in climbing the steps. That’s unthinkable really – I don’t enjoy seeing people fall… at all. Besides, what caring husband acts that way!
  2. While Emily and I were grocery shopping the other day I most definitely did not point out a very large woman – whose very large rump had started to eat her VERY tight spandex pants. Not only would that be gross, it’s just not very nice to talk about people.
  3. Driving to work this morning… I did not yell and blow the horn at the car in front of me for driving 10 miles below the speed limit… only to realize 10 minutes later they actually work in the same complex as me. Nope I didn’t do that.
  4. I did not post #2 against my wife’s wishes. She was completely on board.

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