Myrtle Beach here we come!…I think.

Our vacation is coming up! We’ll be heading to the beach July 31…or that’s the plan for now. Tim and I are soooo indecisive. We can never decide what to do, when to do it, how to do it. We change our minds all the time, and that’s been the case with planning our summer vacation this year. First, we booked a week in Williamsburg and we planned to go to Water Country and Busch Gardens. We had those plans for a little while and then I had a grand idea that it would be awesome to vacation in Chicago this summer! We talked about it and agreed that YES! Chicago would be an awesome summer vacation. So, we called Erin and Shawn and asked if they’d like to have us and of course they said yes. That grand idea lasted about 2 days…long enough for us to decide that a 12 hour drive in the car with 3 kids might not be such a good idea afterall. So, our plans changed back to Williamsburg. Yay! Busch Gardens and Water Country here we come! Not so fast, Emily. The whole time we’ve been planning our summer vacation in Williamsburg and Chicago, deep down we’ve really just wanted to go to the beach. Soo, when Tim found a pretty good deal for a week at Myrtle Beach we booked it without giving it much thought.  Now we had two vacations booked for the same week! (Yeah, that’s how we do things.) We were able to get rid of the reservation in Williamsburg and we’re still planning on going to Myrtle Beach….we think. No, we are really going…for sure….seriously. Stay tuned for lots of fun pictures!


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