Karlie’s First Gymnastics Meet

Karlie got to participate in her first gymnastics meet a couple of weeks ago (The Rockstart Invitational). We got there at 1pm in the afternoon for her to warm up. Her class was scheduled to do their floor routine at 2pm. The snow had caused a change in location and some delays, so the whole event was running way behind schedule. At 2pm we were still waiting. At 3pm we were still waiting. At 3:30pm we were still waiting. Reese was there, and she was being unbelievably cooperative, thank goodness! At 4pm we were still waiting, and I took Reese to the bathroom to change her diaper. When we came out of the bathroom, Karlie’s class was running off the floor. WHAT? DID I JUST MISS IT?!? You have GOT to be kidding me! We waited 3 hours, and Karlie’s 2 minute floor routine happened while I was in the bathroom changing Reese’s diaper. I was pretty disappointed, but luckily Tim took tons of pictures, and I had seen Karlie perform her routine many times at practice. It STILL would have been nice to see the actual performance. I mean, I did just spend 3 HOURS waiting for it! Such is life, I guess. Either way, Karlie was very excited and had a great time (she doesn’t know I missed it!). We were really proud of her. Here are a few pictures from the day.