Getting back to blogging

I can’t even remember the last time I posted a blog. I think the reason I quit is because I feel like I post most of my pictures and information on facebook, and it just seems redundant to put it all on here. Well, I have decided that I don’t care if it’s redundant because I know that later in life it will be neat to have this family blog to look back on and remember all of the things we did. I’ll just pick up where we are right now…August 31st, 2010.

The 2010 school year started yesterday! Karlie started kindergarten at CPS and Tristan started 3rd grade at CES…they had a great first day. Reese is still in daycare at Early Challenges. She recently moved up to the starlights class (24 months – 30 months) and she loves it! It’s going to be a VERY busy and fun year. This is what our weekly schedule looks like:

Monday: Karlie’s gymnastics: 5:30-7
Tuesday: Tristan’s soccer practice: 6-7:30
Wednesday: Karlie’s gymnastics: 5:30-7
Thursday: Tristan’s Dance: 5-6:30
Friday: Karlie’s soccer practice and games
Saturday: Tristan’s soccer games

Yep, we’ve got something every single night!

Switching subjects…here are a few things we did this summer:

Tim and I went to Destin, Florida for Tiffany and Justin’s wedding in May. Mom and dad came out to keep Reese for the week..first time away from my baby, but it went FINE!

We took our 2nd annual Memorial Day trip to Alabama to see my family.

I’ve realized that we did a LOT over the summer and this post is going to get way too long… I’ll do a separate summer post next.