I have managed to get the baby’s room completely ready, but I wouldn’t necessarily say I’ve been nesting too much. There have been others, however, that are in nesting mode. Last week Tristan and Karlie (with a little help from Reese) cut off all the tags on the new clothes, washed them, and hung them back neatly in the closet and in size order. Tristan also got the diaper bag out and packed it with the necessities. How lucky am I to have such good helpers? They cannot wait to meet their baby brother!


29 Weeks

Well, here’s another comparison photo. It’s weird that my belly doesn’t really look any bigger 6 weeks later, but it does seem to be a different shape.


We had a 29 week ultrasound last week, and there is no denying that this baby is a boy!


Everything still checked out good! He weighed in at 3.6 pounds. I’m in my 3rd trimester, and I’m having appointments every 2 weeks now. Hopefully these last 10 weeks go by really fast!