35 weeks!

33 week photo:


I can’t believe it’s been a month since I last posted. Here’s an update!

How far along? 35 weeks
Total weight gain? 24 lbs (2 pounds away from what I gained with Reese.)
Maternity clothes? I have gotten away with buying 1 maternity shirt (that I rarely wear!), 2 maternity tank tops, and 1 bella band.
Stretch marks? No
Sleep: Starting to be more and more uncomfortable.
Best moment this week: Although the timing was not ideal. Tiff and Justin’s baby Lola arrived!
Miss anything: Wearing my regular clothes.
Movement: Yes. Very active.
Food cravings: Anything salty
Anything make you queasy or sick: Nope
Gender: Boy
Labor signs: Lots of contractions, none painful. The baby’s head is really low and that’s causing some PAIN in the pelvic area.
Symptoms: Growing belly :)
Belly button in or out? Flat.
Wedding rings on or off? On. Never had to take them off during Reese’s pregnancy either.
Happy or moody most of the time? Happy and anxious!
Looking forward to: Meeting my baby boy!