Pace – 9 months!

Pace turned 9 months old. This first year is flying by! He was very happy and alert at his check-up!


All about Pace at 9 months:
-Stats: 20.5 lbs. (40th%) 29.75 in. (90th%)
-Waves and says “bye bye bye bye”
-Loves to open and close doors
-Says Da Da and Bye Bye, doesn’t say Mama!
-Crawls everywhere and pulls up like a champ
-Loves to play with trucks
-Can stand alone for about 5-10 seconds
-Likes to play peek-a-boo
-Loves to swing at the park
-Big fan of his sisters, but is starting to show frustration when they move him around 😉
-Favorite food is probably all the gerber snacks (he really eats anything)
-Has 6 teeth, with 2 more about to pop through any day


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