Someone enjoyed the pool…







Our blog is not dead.

5 weeks between posts is definitely to long though,  so I’ll make up for it with this blog… which will be amazing.

A lot has happened since the last blog – here’s a recap:

  1. We made it back from the beach. The beach was great, the girls loved it… a couple things we learned though. Next year we’re going to take an umbrella, and while we really liked the hotel.. we want to try a house on the beach w/ a pool. That’s not too much to ask for… right?
  2. The girls loved the ocean. Emily and I were both surprised how much they wanted to play out there… we ended up buying Tristan and Karlie boogie boards. Karlie especially was a little dare devil. She really has no fear… unless it’s 8:45pm and its time for her to get in bed… then she’s afraid of everything.
  3. Reese can walk… I walked at like 6 months old though so it’s to be expected. HA.
  4. Reese has teeth… about 2 and 1/4 teeth to be exact – although at night she acts like she has 45 teeth and she is not happy that they’re attempting to do whatever it is they’re doing.
  5. Karlie is married… to Jackson (her cousin). Just don’t ask her about it.
  6. Tristan is officially a 2nd grader. 🙂
  7. We FINALLY started working on the basement. We have about half.. maybe a little less than half of the drywall up. Having some extra room for the girls… and us.. is going to be nice.
  8. Soccer starts again next week. Tristan is playing… Karlie is going to do gymnastics instead.
  9. Hmmmm… I think that’s about it… so much for amazing!

Here are a few pictures from our vacation…