Reese talking to momma

Watch for Tim’s cameo appearance around the 2 minute mark… steals the show.


Good Salsa… Bad Breath

If you’re looking for gooood salsa… the chevy’s salsa we talked about the other day is really good, with one slight… very small problem.. it leaves you with some kicking breath.

First, the recipe calls for 2 garlic cloves… we added two, it’s good… it works, but this is a definite contributor to stink breath.

Same can be said for the onion… we used a red onion, and probably a little less than 1/4.

I think next time we’re going to skip the onion altogether and add a LOT less garlic… maybe half a clove.

We also added 2 jalepenos… not 10. 2 was not enough though… 3-4 is probably about right.

And… these tortilla chips are really good.


what’s for dinner…

I made some homemade chicken noodle soup last night… and it was GOOD. Pretty simple to make too… chicken broth, a couple chicken breasts, egg noodles… we threw in a little basil, parsley, pepper, seasoned salt and about 15 minutes later it was done. I’m beginning to think I’m a decent cook… either that or Emily just doesn’t complain about what she’s eating.

Next up… we’re going to try this salsa recipe:

Chevy’s Salsa

A friend of mine at work makes this and was telling me how good it is… and we love salsa, so it’s a no brainer.

The recipe calls for 10 jalepenos… I’m thinking more like 1-2..  he adds chipotle also.